Our Services

Disaster Expertise

According to the type of disaster, our specialists will dispatch the necessary experts (engineers, specialty services, etc.) and will supervise their interventions to ensure a high quality standard in the execution of their mandates.

Our investigators, in order to complete their report, will be on site to carefully inspect the area. They will also take the required measures according to the circumstances as well as take the photos and/or videos.

Furthermore, the data collection, which ensures the completeness of the claim and every insured and third party's responsibilities will be led by the following means:

  • Recording of the necessary statements;
  • Meeting and recording of the statements of insured and third parties;
  • Expert consultation, if necessary;
  • Verification of witnesses', specialists', insured' statements;
  • Obtaining and analysing documents necessary for the claims;
  • Obtaining reports from different authorities.

Also, in order to make their recommendation for bill payments, the Groupe Henault will verify and analyse the authenticity of the invoices by comparing the actual work done and the work billed.

Moreover, our investigators will study the legitimacy of the losses caused by the disaster.

Disaster Solutions

Following the inquiry, the disaster expert will determine the probable cause of the disaster and set the admissibility of the claim as well as the degree of responsibility of the different insured.

The disaster expert, following recommendations from investigators and the evaluator, will negotiate the payment for solving the disaster and will determine the compensation amounts to be disbursed.

The disaster expert will prepare a report detailing the payment recommendations concerning the compensation of the insured and claim-makers.


If applicable, the expert prepares a report and the necessary subrogating documents. He is in charge of the follow-up at every step of the recovery process and will negotiate the reimbursement of the costs associated with the disaster.

Time Sheets

All of the work carried out by representatives of S.I.E. HENAULT AND ASSOCIATES Inc. will be marked down on a computerized time sheet to be consulted and analysed. Every trip and dollar spent will be reported on the time sheet.


Every invoice given by contractors will be verified and analysed before recommending payment.


  • Emergency mobile units;
  • Cellular phones;
  • Camera equipped with adjustable precision optical lenses;
  • Video camera equipped with fish eye and macro lenses;
  • Rain proof gear;
  • Security helmets;
  • Security boots resistant to chemical products and water
  • Security work boots resistant to chemical products

Serviced Territory

We offer our services to the entire Quebec province, Ontario, and a part of the USA, locations which are close to the border. Nevertheless, please note that we do not have any territorial limits to ensure we can better respond to our client's needs if our experience and expertise is required

We have built up an intervention plan in order to offer an efficient and valued emergency service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Personal Information

All of the information acquired remains strictly confidential and will only be revealed after obtaining authorization from the concerned parties.

Conservation of documents

The documents are kept in a network that automatically backs up the data and also another backup, in paper form, is kept in a fire proof room, built for this purpose.

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